Hello, I’m Jane.


Digital guru by day

I’ve been in the digital world for over six years. I worked with clients in different industries, niches and business models. Analytics, data mining and digital strategy are the fuel to my fire. Gives me the heebbie-jeebies, but in a good way!

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It all started when…

A client reached out to me but we didn’t move forward on the project because her budget was too low. Fact is, digital services are not cheap. Why? Because it takes a lot of strategy and planning. Implementation takes hours, days, months, even years.

Take a quick search online and you’ll see how much agencies and freelancers charge for their services. But, I’ve realized that most clients just want a beautiful and functional website. That’s it. I want to cater to people who just want a simple website that’s clean, modern, fast and mobile-friendly. I want to help clients who have the passion on their crafts achieve their goals.

I restructured my services and made them graspable and cost-efficient with a mission to help as many people as I can. This is quality digital work for less.


Ninja mom by night

I’m a mom to a seven-year-old mermaid slash ninja slash ballerina slash roblox enthusiast and a wife to the love of my life and partner in crime.